About this course

The acupressure points you learn in this course not only help with pain relief during labour but can be used weeks before the due date to help encourage an on time birth.

This is a win – win with this course, you get to practice what you learn as well as encourage the baby to come on time!

Some of the acupressure points you will learn during the course include the point to encourage an un-progressing labour which helps dilate the cervix (incredibly useful if labour is dragging on), the point for nausea and vomiting (useful both during pregnancy as well as labour for some women), the point used to help with ‘after pains’ and the point which encourages breastfeeding.

You will also learn some basic massage techniques. These can be very beneficial to help you stay calm and focused and offers a change for you. Its good to have a few tools in your tool kit and see what works best for you on the day. Some women find these massage techniques as beneficial as acupressure for pain relief.

All of the techniques are safe, natural and time tested.

One of the greatest things for me about using these points was the real bond I felt with my partner and how inclusive the experience was during my son’s birth. My partner put it beautifully when I asked her months later what her thoughts were: “I really liked that we were going through it together and we felt like a team”.

The course is only $149 per couple and runs for 3 hours.

Course Location
The course will be held at the Awareness Institute, Suite 1 / 20 Clarke St, Crows Nest, NSW 2165.

There is plenty of street parking available as well as a council car-park opposite.