About the teacher

Anthony Middlemiss
Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist

When I started my massage training in Adelaide nearly 25 years ago I was lucky enough to have a fellow student who was pregnant in that first class. It was my first introduction to pregnancy massage and quickly became one of my specialities.

I then went on to learn acupuncture and naturopathy. With a few more tools under my belt in 2003, I moved to Sydney and opened Feel Amazing Wellness Centre (Click the link for more info and bookings) in Chatswood, still going strong today. We see hundreds of pregnant women a year making us one of the busiest pregnancy massage specialists in Sydney.

All of that training and experience of treating thousands of pregnant women and being at the birth of my two sons has lead me to developing and teaching this course.

I wanted to create something you can use, as a couple, to help you both feel empowered and like you both accomplished something together during labour. I also wanted to give you a useful tool to help with pain management, and as an added bonus some trigger points to use leading up to the birth to help facilitate the start of labour.